Insect Farming Workshop + Hive Explorer Set

Insect Farming Workshop + Hive Explorer Set

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*minimum 7 participants needed*

available from 220 EUR, only in Austria + Hong Kong

next prospective dates for Vienna, Austria: August 22nd + September 5th

What it includes:

    • 1 Hive Explorer Set (that you can take home after the workshop!)
    • Live Mealworm Starter Kit
    • 2-hour workshop with one of our super knowledgeable lecturers to help you set up your Hive Explorer and learn about insect farming
    • sneak peeks into our full curriculum with lessons from food systems to growing micro greens on mealworm dung

Want to do it with your friends? No problem! Bring your friends for extra 40 EUR per head (including all benefits except for the Hive Explorer Set + live mealworm starter kit). Your friends can book it here.