Live Mealworms Starter Kit

Live Mealworms Starter Kit

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Kostenloser Versand in die USA, die EU und die meisten asiatischen Länder

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We will be shipping the mealworms after you receive your Hive Explorer. This is a pre-order, the Hive Explorers are being shipped currently and will be arriving at your doorstep by the first week of November (USA, EU). Asian orders will be fulfilled sooner.

Shipping fee included: We ship from locations close to you only within EU, USA, China and Hong Kong.

Starter Kit with approximately 100g of live mealworms matching your Hive Explorer setup to get you right into growing. Instructions are of course included. We will coordinate your starter kit shipping with your Hive Explorer shipping. Please note that we will not ship individually ordered starter kits earlier than the first Hive batch shipment. We appreciate your understanding. Please refer to updates on shipping status of Hives.

Out of hygiene and safety reasons, we recommend to only consume the second generation of mealworms that you grow in your Hive Explorer. 

If you are allergic to shellfish, you might also be allergic to insects.

This will ship AFTER Hive Explorer is shipped. We will arrange shipping with you in order to make sure the live mealworms arrive healthily in your home.

*Starter Kit packaging is subject to variation. By purchasing, you agree to the following:
I understand that there is no guarantee of this shipment and I do not hold Livin Farms Ltd accountable. The livelihood of mealworms would be at risk depending on many factors including but not limited to the courier's handling and suppliers' handling. Even so, Livin Farms will take all precautions on arranging the package to you. All mealworms purchases are excluded from a refund, return, or exchange. Even though we do our very best to ensure safe and healthy arrival of your starter kit mealworms, we cannot guarantee the condition of mealworms arriving.