Maßgeschneiderte Workshops für Unternehmen

Teach your employees about what it means to be Sustainable and make your office space Environmentally friendly - join the Green Revolution

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Key Note Speaker

Our founder and CEO Katharina Unger has given multiple lectures at university's and events and is frequently booked as a keynote speaker and for TV interviews worldwide

Workshops für Unternehmen

Provide leaders in your enterprise with a vast range of unique learning experiences including the exploration of Innovation, Green Team Building and creating a more Sustainable Workplace

Future Food Design

Gain a deeper knowledge and understanding of how people will interact with Food Products and related services in the Future & discover trends and developments in Insects for Food, Feed and more


First hand insight into how startups operate, the challenges that they face and the qualities that you need to become an entrepreneur

Agritech & IGTs

A discussion on what the future of Agriculture and Food Production could look like and technologies that Livin Farms are currently developing


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