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Episode 1: Our Dystopic Food Systems

Daisy Tam (Hong Kong) - HK Food Works

Daisy Tam, Assistant Professor at the Hong Kong Baptist University, spearheads research in Urban Food Systems, with a particular focus on Food Security. Bringing together the Arts & Sciences, Daisy will set the stage for this series with her dystopian themed episode: The Horrors of the Food System

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Episode 2 - Meeting Our Sustainable Development Goals

Paul Newnham (Australia) - SDG2 Advocacy Hub

Paul Newnham is a strategic innovator & executive leader who is passionate about building effective solutions that generate sustainable  change.  He oversees the Sustainable Development Goal 2 (SDG2) Advocacy Hub to strengthen efforts to end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture by 2030. In this episode, he will explain the interconnected nature of economic, social and environmental dimensions of food systems in relation to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Episode 3 - Farming In The City

Pol Fabrega (Hong Kong) - Rooftop Republic

Pols episode will be taking place at The Hive, Sheung Wan.

Pol Fabrega of Rooftop Republic has been a pioneer in the urban farming movement since the early days, working to help transform the way we grow, consume and think about food. He will be discussing the problems surrounding food production with his first-hand knowledge of the intricacies dealing with urban farming & agriculture.

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Episode 4 - Food Innovation For The Urban Landscape

Katharina Unger (Austria) - Livin Farms

Katharina Unger is a thought leader in the space of design for sustainability, food and agricultural innovation. She founded Livin Studio & Livin Farms, companies leading in the field of edible insects and novel food innovations - and can therefore provide us with a deep understanding of how the urban landscape has been transformed by innovation.

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Episode 5 - Making Space For A Conscious Food Choice

Punam Chopra (Hong Kong) - SpiceBox Organics

Punam Chopra’s belief in the philosophy of nutrition and diet coupled with a holistic approach to health has led to the development of SpiceBox Organics. Passionate about sustainable and organic food production, Punam aims to source products with minimal carbon footprint, and to encourage fair-trade practices among producers and suppliers -making her the perfect candidate to talk to us how businesses can source sustainably while also giving access to healthier food.

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Episode 6 - Sustainable Food For Nutrition & Health

Michelle Lau (Hong Kong) - NUTRILICIOUS

Michelle Lau is a registered Dietitian and the founder of NUTRILICIOUS, a B2B nutrition consultancy and communications company that motivates people to eat whole, train smart and live full. Her expertise in science-based nutrition & education will help us dive into why sustainable food benefits not only the planet, but our health too. 

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Watch michelle episode here

Episode 7 - The Culinary Art Of Edible Insects

Nicole Sartirani (Germany) - MikroKosmos

Nicole Sartirani has translated her passion for gastronomy and sustainable agriculture into her innovative culinary business, MikroKosmos Berlin. This episode Nicole will convey her vision by highlighting the nutritional and ecological value of insects through a gastronomic point of view.

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Watch nicoles episode here

Episode 8 - Insect Technologies For Waste Management

Thomas Riel (Austria) - Livin Farms

Date & Time

PST 1:00 AM, 15/04/21

CET 10:00 AM, 15/04/21

HKT 04:00 PM, 15/04/21

With a background in electrical engineering, biomedical engineering & mechatronics, Thomas Riel is pioneering edible insect technologies at Livin Farms. Using this cutting-edge technology, the team is working on harvesting insects to recycle a variety of food waste, which will be a major discussion point in this episode.

Facebook, Instagram,Twitter,Linkedin

Episode 9: Food Surplus - An Unknown Reality

Philippe Schuler (Denmark) - Too Good To Go

Date & Time

PST 12:00 AM, 20/04/21

CET 09:00 AM, 20/04/21

HKT 03:00 PM, 20/04/21

As the Global Movement Coordinator at Too Good To Go, Philippe Schuler partners closely with both public and private entities within the Food and Beverage industry to implement low food waste practices. For this episode, he will discuss the importance of consistently working with the supply chain to combat and reduce food waste.


Episode 10 - Rescuing Edible Food

Lye Shiuh (Malaysia) - Pasar Grub

Date & Time

PST 10:00 PM, 26/04/21

CET 07:00 AM, 27/04/21

HKT 01:00 PM, 27/04/21

Lye Shiuh is an environmental advocate who believes that everyone deserves to have access to affordable nutritious food. His organisation Pasar Grub helps farmers & distributors find the market to sell excess produce while helping communities receive daily necessities at a lower cost. He will highlight this narrative through this topic.


Episode 11 - Feeding The Soil : Composting

Julia Brenner (USA) & Björk Brynjarsdóttir (Iceland) - Jardgerdarfelagid (The Compost Community)

Date & Time

PST 03:00 AM, 04/05/21

CET 12:00 PM, 04/05/21

HKT 06:00 PM, 04/05/21

The dynamic duo Julia and Björk are experts when it comes to bokashi composting and the importance of using local resources in soil restoration. They're scaling-up bokashi composting in Iceland for municipal waste treatment and soil conservation. At the core of their work is a focus on community approaches to creating a closed-loop system.


Episode 12 - Normalising Food Sustainability In F&B

Heidi Yu Spurrell (Hong Kong) - Food Made Good HK

Date & Time

PST 08:00 PM, 12/05/21

CET 05:00 AM, 13/05/21

HKT 11:00 AM, 13/05/21

As CEO of Food Made Good HK, and with a diverse background in marketing, analysis, food retail, restaurants and food-related NGOs, Heidi looks forward to supporting the F&B sector on their sustainability journey and accelerating the pace of change in Hong Kong.


Episode 13 - The Sustainability Makeover: Rebranding Green Businesses

Dario Ujetto & Massimo Gioscia (Italy) - Feel the bEAT

Date & Time

PST 01:00 AM, 18/05/21

CET 10:00 AM, 18/05/21

HKT 04:00 PM, 18/05/21

With experience in marketing & business development, Dario Ujetto co-founded Feel the bEAT, a company specialised in building a narrative around food. Feel the bEAT focuses on brand journalism and will talk about its importance in the sustainability space in this rapidly changing advertising market.


Episode 14 - Strategies To Solve The Sustainability Crisis

Bertha Shum (Hong Kong) Earthero

Date & Time

PST 10:00 PM, 26/05/21

CET 07:00 AM, 27/05/21

HKT 01:00 PM, 27/05/21

Bertha Shum founded Earthero Project, a company that partners with businesses seeking to implement and develop environmental initiatives. Bertha, with her background in Business Sustainability Management, will introduce to us the importance of this collective behavioral change to achieve a more conscious lifestyle.


Episode 15 - Technologies For Waste Management

Sidhant Gupta & Utkarsh Goel (Hong Kong) - Clearbot

Date & Time

PST 08:00 PM, 02/06/21

CET 05:00 AM, 03/06/21

HKT 11:00 AM, 03/06/21

Clearbot is a swarm of trash collecting robots that use AI-Vision to detect and collect trash from water bodies. Founders Sidhant Gupta & Utkarsh Goel are now global prize winners for their research & technology in ocean robotics. They will talk to us about how we can solve what they believe to be our planet’s most pressing challenge: waste build-up.


Episode 16 - Turning The Food System In Favour Of Vulnerable Communities

Dr. Amy Franklin (USA) - Farms for Orphans

Date & Time

PST 08:00 PM, 09/06/21

CET 05:00 AM, 10/06/21

HKT 11:00 AM, 10/06/21

Dr. Amy Franklin founded Farms for Orphans, with an aim to ensure vulnerable children have a sustainable source of nourishment. They work to alleviate food-insecurity, malnutrition and poverty in orphaned and street children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) through the power of insects among other smart farming methods.


Episode 17 - Recreational Education

Noémie La Rue Lapierre (Canada) - Les amis de l'insectarium

Date & Time

PST 08:00 PM, 16/06/21

CET 05:00 AM, 17/06/21

HKT 11:00 AM, 17/06/21

Noémie La Rue Lapierre is the director at Friends of the Insectarium, an NGO that brings together insect & arthropod enthusiasts around the globe - it is among the largest insectariums in the world. With a master's degree in Museology, we will learn how she cultivates & promotes a community of insect enthusiasts through various collaborative learning practices.


Episode 18 - Changing The Hospitality Industry

Lucia Loposova (Hong Kong) - G.R.E.E.N. Hospitality

Date & Time

PST 08:00 PM, 23/06/21

CET 05:00 AM, 24/06/21

HKT 11:00 AM, 24/06/21

Lucia Loposova, head of G.R.E.E.N. Hospitality, began her sustainability journey through her research revolving around the  impact of tourism and the traditional food heritage. She hopes that introducing G.R.E.E.N. Hospitality in this episode with its initiatives and strategic partnerships can create a roadmap for innovative and sustainable practices in the industry. 


Episode 19 - An Outside Look: Sustainable Fashion

Sally Thorpe (UK) - Up-cycle Apparel

Date & Time

PST 03:00 AM, 01/07/21

CET 12:00 PM, 01/07/21

HKT 06:00 PM, 01/07/21

Sally Thorpe started an up-cycled clothing brand born out of lockdown, taking unused & unwanted clothing and materials and turning them into fashionable pieces. This helps increase the lifespan of materials while reducing the need for new ones. Her belief in moving towards a more circular economy through her homegrown business will be the focus of this episode.


Episode 20 - A Crash Course For Food Heroes - What We Learned, What We Can Do

Cristina Michelini & Sovina Taneja (Hong Kong) - Livin Farms

Date & Time

PST 10:00 PM, 06/07/21

CET 07:00 AM, 07/07/21

HKT 01:00 PM, 07/07/21

Cristina Michelini (COO APAC) & Sovina Taneja (Marketing Associate) from Livin Farms will come together to wrap up the series. They are here to remind you that sustainability is easy - it all starts at home.