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Easily incorporate STEM and Sustainability in the classroom. Empower learners with the Hive Explorer, its curriculum and our workshops.

1. Hive Explorer Educator Set

For home schooling or in the classroom: Hive Explorer Set + 5 lessons for self-use. Pick & choose between topics that suit your needs.

2. Hands-on Workshops

Customizable workshops surrounding Sustainability, Insects, Food Waste, Composting, Closing the loop and more!

3. Teaching Resources

Ready-to-roll teaching resources to bring fun, engaging topics that have never been done before - into your classroom.

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Putting the S into STEM: Sustainability

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Why teach with the Hive Explorer?

• Out-of-the-box learning📦
• Learn-by-daring Approach🦸‍♀️
• Empowered learners💪🏽
• Curated by Sustainability pioneers👩🏽‍🔬


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Schools we have worked with:

We have worked with over 40 schools and 2800 students in Hong Kong, Europe and Canada to bring Sustainability into the classroom.

You Are In Good Company! Teachers have said:

Livin Farms brought a fresh perspective into our classrooms with their engaging Sustainability Workshops. Our S3 students & teachers really enjoyed the hands-on time with the Hive Explorer, which was a new STEM experience that had never been done before.

Ally Lam
Biology Head, TWGHs Chen Zao Mens College

Students enjoyed the interactive quiz session, followed by the debate on mealworms as environmental protein alternative and food waste management solution.

Everyone could experience hands on the power of the tiny mealworms against climate change.

HHCKLA Buddhist Ching Kok Secondary School

Our school-wide project with the Hive was a great success! It was an opportunity for teachers to teach Science in a unique way and have students in contact with Animals & Nature. We also felt it was not a lot of work to add-on to our school curriculum in Quebec!

Noémie La Rue Lapierre
Director at Friends of the Insectarium