Find out how our in-school workshops and tailor-made zero waste school programs help schools to teach science and become more sustainable.

Close the loop for a sustainable school environment

We offer in-school workshops and tailor-made zero waste school programs

More than 40 schools and 2500 students reached so far

Discover our "Food Waste to Edibles" Program

We have developed a hands-on, step-by-step learning program to empower students and teachers to turn food waste available in the school into edible mealworms, greens and microalgae.

Step 1: Discover

From Linear to Circular Food Systems

• Understand the food system

• Understand climate change

• Find inefficiencies!

• Utilise existing resources in your school:

food waste

Step 2: Design

Design Sustainable Food Systems

• Learn methods and tools to tackle the issue

• Design processes and implement solutions

• Bokashi composting

• Mealworm composting

• Microalgae growing

Step 3: Grow & Create

Implement your inventions and make a difference!

• Design recipes for future food with insects

• Design future food restaurants

• Design zero waste school

• Design zero waste community

• Output = Microgreens, Fertiliser, Mealworms, MicroAlgae

From Kindergarten to University level

• an inspiring curriculum and customised services tailored to you • alignment with IB and national curricula • lessons in geography, biology, sciences and more

Meet our experienced Instructors

Cristina Michelini, PhD

• expert in the education space for international students • student career development • background: Education & Tourism • languages: English, Italian • location: Hong Kong

Deidra Wirakusumah, MSc

• expert in sustainability education and management • expert in insect education • background: Sustainability Management • languages: English, Indonesian • location: Hong Kong

Martina Olifers, MSc

• biology teacher and expert in forest insects • 8 years of experience teaching science and insects • background: biology, entomology, pedagogy • languages: German, English, Portuguese • location: Vienna

From STEM learning to Zero Waste Schools

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