The Hive Hero Chinese New Year Academy
The Hive Hero Chinese New Year Academy
The Hive Hero Chinese New Year Academy
The Hive Hero Chinese New Year Academy
The Hive Hero Chinese New Year Academy

The Hive Hero Chinese New Year Academy

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Sign up to our Chinese New Year Academy to become a certified Hive Hero!

Date : Tuesday 09/02/21 - Thursday 11/02/21

Time : 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM 

Number of Classes : 3

Age Range : 8 Y/O - 11 Y/O

Spaces Available : 10 *Please note this is an online virtual camp only available for those living in Hong Kong*

Hive Heroes save the planet! In this academy, we will teach our heroes the basics of saving the world. We will introduce them to the superpowers of nature through insects and teach them about closing the loop of waste

The Hive Hero Academy is an out-of-the-box experience: we adopt a learn-by-daring approach, challenging our heroes to think differently about their relationship with nature. But most importantly, we create empowered heroes - kids will leave the academy feeling equipped with the tools to change daily habits in favour of the planet!

The price of the ticket will include:

  • The Hive Explorer (Rental)
  • Microgreens Experiment Pack (Microgreens seed, hydroponic sponge & growing container)
  • Explorer Science Kit (Tweezers, petri-dish, wooden spoon, magnifying glass) (Rental)
  • Mealworms (Rental)
  • Hive Explorer magazine
  • Livin Farms Merchandise - (T-shirt, pens, sticky note pad, aged test tube mealworm)
  • A Hive Hero badge and certificate

Over the three days we will cover the following topics:

  • Day 1Saving the planet using the superpowers of nature: Why does the planet need saving? Or does it already have its solutions? Learn how our old friends insects always knew better and have long lived a no waste and sustainable lifestyle! In this lesson Heroes will also learn about our technology, the Hive Explorer, and how to foster their pals for the next 3 days
  • Day 2 Feeding the world: Why is food so important? How can we make it better? Heroes will learn about the food we waste and how food production affects the planet. In this lesson they will take a hands on approach and plant their own healthy greens!
  • Day 3 - Mini-greens with mega-powers! : What's in these tiny plants? and why not just buy food from outside? Heroes will learn about the magic of homegrown food for both the environment and their own health!


  • Insects used : Teneribo Molitor - They do not fly, climb or bite.
  • The Hive Explorer - Prevents fugitives, accidents and smells.
  • Hygiene - Explorers are expected to respect all basic hygiene rules such as washing hands after using the Hive Explorer and not putting hands in mouths.
  • Supervision - There is minimal supervision needed for this camp.
  • All tools and necessary equipment will be provided.