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Your Smart Mealworm Farm

Sustainability tailored for your Home & School

How it works

Close the Loop: your Zero Waste Home & School

The Hive Explorer Set guides kids and grown-ups through the journey of upcycling food waste with mealworms. Grow and harvest them for pet food or human food and collect their droppings as fertilizer for plants. We do not only offer the equipment, but also customised workshops and education programs that go way beyond mealworm farming!

For Learning

Kids are naturally fascinated by insects. Our learning materials and detailed guided curricula make it easy for teachers to use this to teach larger concepts like sustainability and climate change in their everyday lessons. 


Sustainable Schools

Want to make your school go zero waste? We can help! We work with you to customise lesson plans, trainings and workshops as well as zero waste school programs.


Zero Waste Homes

Start upcycling your food scraps at home to grow human food, pet food and fertiliser for your plants!


Explore unlimited possibilities

From your home to your school: you can do so much with the Hive Explorer!

education exercises

Build an insect powered home air purifier

powered by microalgae, grown on insect dung
zero waste home

Upcycle your kitchen scraps

Harvest Mealworms for Pets or Food
education exercises

Learn how to grow micro greens on insect dung

From food waste to edible greens
zero waste home

Treat your plants with mealworm fertilizer

droppings from your mealworms
school programs

Learn how to do bokashi composting

Treatment for wet food waste before feeding to mealworms

What our customers say

Introducing the Hive to the students was the most intriguing and relevant action we had this year. It is such an effective way to taking STEM learning to the classroom.

Mr. Robinson, English & History Teacher/Global Campus Leader, Nord Anglia International School

It helps me create a little cycle at home: vegetable scraps become bug feed, bugs become source of protein.

Natalia, NL

We have embedded the Hives into our Occupation therapy program with elementary and high school students with special needs.
Our students integrate lessons from science, maths, and pre-vocational classes and the learning opportunities have far surpassed our expectations.

Ms Morgan, Morgan, OT MAEd, Transition Coordinator, Warren Woods Tower High School

It's fascinating breeding your own livestock, and it is cool seeing the life stages.

Theresa, AT

I like the idea, the product itself that it is compact; I would never think about growing worms at home without that, even though I tried at least once the mealworm dishes before.

Martin, USA