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The Hive Explorer by Livin Farms

The Hive Explorer is the beginning of your sustainable lifestyle. It will take you on a journey of up-cycling food waste, producing natural fertiliser and learning how to live sustainably from our oldest allies: insects

Zero Waste Home

Explore How Insects Upcycle Your Food Waste

Feed your mealworms your kitchen scraps and harvest them as an alternative protein and collect their poop as fertiliser
Education Exercises

Experiment With Mealworm Powered Clean Air

Find out how mealworm poop fertilises microalgae cultures to power their CO2 absorbing effect
Zero Waste Home

Treat Your Plants With Mealworm Fertiliser

Mealworms droppings or 'Frass' as we like to call it is the perfect fertiliser for your plants
Education Exercise

Learn How To Code Using The Hive Explorer

Our coding lesson allows you to connect you laptop to The Hive Explorer and change and control its hardware and technology
Education Exercises

Practice Growing Edible Greens On Mealworm Poop

Use mealworm fertiliser to stimulate the growth of healthy microgreens

You Are In Good Company! Other's have said:

Livin Farms brought a fresh perspective into our classrooms with their engaging Sustainability Workshops. Our S3 students & teachers really enjoyed the hands-on time with the Hive Explorer, which was a new STEM experience that had never been done before.

Ally Lam
Biology Head, TWGHs Chen Zao Mens College

The Hive Explorer takes away any guesswork on how to set it up, you just can't fail if you follow the simple instructions! It has been a lot of fun learning about the role of insects in our food chain and reclaiming food waste!

Bill Burnard

Our school-wide project with the Hive was a great success! It was an opportunity for teachers to teach Science in a unique way and have students in contact with Animals & Nature. We also felt it was not a lot of work to add-on to our school curriculum in Quebec!

Noémie La Rue Lapierre
Director at Friends of the Insectarium

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