About us

From Country Farm to Sustainability Education and Urbanised Farming Spaces

It all started when founder Katharina left her little home village on the border between Austria and Hungary to venture into the world as an industrial designer. She ended up in Hong Kong where she realised that most of the food there was imported and almost no one knew where it came from.

This then led to Katharina investigating current food system and looking into alternatives. Insects were one of the future proteins that were very promising and perfect to create a solution for people to grow their food independently at home.

Katharina Unger, Vienna Austria, Childhood Farm

The First Edible Insect Design

The first project was called Farm 432 and was designed for rearing black soldier fly larvae. This design ended up winning The Red Dot Design Award. The Farm 432 Beta was soon manufactured afterwards for a small trial run


Katharinas research took her all over the world - from Africa to Malaysia to Hawaii it all led to 2015 when Livin Farms was eventually founded.

Livin Farms: Start of the journey

Soon after Livin Farms was founded development of our first project took place. The Hive™ was introduced for growing mealworms in people's homes

HAX Accelerator & Kickstarter Campaigns

In 2015, the team joined the HAX accelerator program in Shenzhen (China), the world´s first and largest hardware accelerator program. Supported by HAX, the Kickstarter campaign followed and a tour around the world to demo the Hive™  to people all over the US, Europe and Asia! 830 backers were supporting the campaign to pre-order a Hive™  or a MicroFood™ food sample with an overall amount of 145.000 USD. Thank you all so much for all your support!

Livin Farms Present Day: Education & Large Scale Farming

Livin Farms now operates from Hong Kong as well as Vienna, Austria.

Our mission stayed the same: Empowering people to co-create lives that are healthy for the people and sustainable for the planet. Since we are passionate about educating our customers on WHY it is so important to rethink our consumption patterns, We have developed a revolutionary product, The Hive Explorer and created an educational programme which includes a 13 lesson curriculum to run along side it.

Currently, we are also developing our technology for industrial scale mealworms growing. We source the feed for our growing mealworm colony from a large retailer to close the loop. Stay tuned for more! 

Interested In Large Scale Mealworm Growing Or Our Educational Mealworm Home?