Shipping Worldwide

Products on this webshop will be shipped out during August 2020. Depending on your location, it can take another 4-6 weeks from then on to arrive on your doorstep. 


Hive Explorer Products are shipped worldwide. If you cannot find your country in the drop-down list at check-out it might be one that we have not shipped to before. Please send us an email to to request your preferred country of shipping and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Import, VAT and customs

For customers in Europe, VAT will be charged at check-out. For customers outside of the European Union, VAT and taxes might be applicable at moment of import and the customer is responsible for any such import charges, by example applicable taxes, fees, VAT, customs including but not limited to sales, use, excise, or similar taxes levied under federal, state or local tax laws.

Hive Explorer Live Mealworm Starter kits are shipped either through Livin Farms directly or partner companies in the following regions: European Union, USA, Mainland China, Hong Kong (SAR China). We work with local suppliers to make sure that your mealworms do not suffer from a long trip. We do not ship live mealworms internationally across continents. 

We do not supply live mealworm starter kits outside of the above mentioned regions. However, you can easily obtain mealworms in your country from any local pet shop. Please find instructions on how many mealworms to buy here:

If you ordered your Live Mealworm Starter Kit at the time of your Hive Explorer purchase, please notify us as soon as you are ready to receive your live mealworm starter kit by sending us an email to