Insect Farming Kit
For Sustainable Livin

What is the Hive Explorer?

The Hive Explorer is an Insect Farming Kit created by Insect Farming experts at Livin Farms. Read more about us here.

It combines technology with the superpowers of insects to recycle your food scraps into Sustainable Proteins🐛 and Fertilizer🌱

Who lives in the hive?

Mealworms: Nature's decomposers

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The Hive Explorer is a

1. Sustainability Tool

Start your Sustainability journey by upcycling food waste into:

• Mealworms for healthy balanced meals for you & your pets

• Fertilizer for your indoor & outdoor plants

Use their poop, #closetheloop!

2. Insect Farm

• Build a healthy relationship with insects 

• Automated technology to maintain the insect microclimate

• Learn how to produce your own alternative protein

• Understand the needs of a living being

3. Science Kit

• Learn about the various life stages of insects & their Biology

• Amp up your Science learning

• Tweezers, petri dishes and magnifier provided in the set

• Use the magazine to educate yourself while having fun!

educational program

1. Close the Loop with the Hive Explorer

Instead of letting them go to waste, keep your leftovers & feed them to the insect crew in the Hive Explorer😎. Watch the life stages grow & develop in the device before they turn this organic waste into nitrogen-rich fertilizer & provide you with a Sustainable food source (yum!)🌱🐛

2. Hive Explorer Hardware: Entomo-tech

This insect farm is the perfect combination of do-it-yourself with a spark of technology to keep the insect microclimate at bay. Here's what makes the Hive Explorer a SMART device.✨

3. Hands-on Education beyond the Classroom

Examine the fascinating life cycle of the Tenebrio molitor species, conduct experiments to understand how population density affects larval growth, grow your own sustainable microgreens & more!🌿