Curriculum Details

What you can expect from each lesson. After ordering, full curriculum download will be provided to you starting August 10th, 2020.

We recommend 1 Hive Explorer Set for each group of 3 students to complement the lessons.

Module 1 (90 minutes)

Introduction to Insect Farming

Module 2 (120 minutes)

Food Systems

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Module 3 (120 minutes)

Insect Growing Technologies

Module 4 (120 minutes)

Food Waste Processing

Module 5 (120 minutes)

Food Waste Processing 2

Module 6 (120 minutes)

Design Future Foods Concept

Module 7 (120 minutes)

Tiny, yet potent world of microalgae

Module 8 (120 minutes)

Purifying Qualities of Microalgae

Module 9 (120 minutes)

Cooking with Mealworms

Module 10 (120 minutes)

Grow Healthy Food with Mealworm Dung

Module 11 (120 minutes)

Design Future Food Concept

Module 12 (120 minutes)

MicroGreens Recipes

Module 13 (90 minutes)

Coding with Hive Explorer

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