Lesson 7: Tiny, yet potent world of microalgae (120 min)

Lesson 7: Tiny, yet potent world of microalgae (120 min)

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This product is a part 7 of the 13-part ready-to-go curriculum that we have developed. For the whole curriculum click here.

Wondering how to get the most out of your educational work with Hive Explorer?

  • Exploring microalgae and their many uses. Ever thought poop is useless? Wrong! We will take the ouput of the Hive Explorer 2.0, and grow our own microalgae in photobioreactors and investigate some of their basic properties.

    Materials needed: concentrated microalgae solution, mealworm frass, extension chord, graduated cylinder, scale, stirring rod, sieve, towel, mixing cup, cleaning solution, clear bottle, air stone, air hose, hydroponic sponge, hose connector, air pump

  • Download a sample lesson (lesson 2) here
  • See curriculum alignment to standards here
  • Hands-on exercises and worksheets

What's Included:

• Download of lesson 7 contains:

  1. Lesson Plan and Teacher Guide
  2. Lesson Presentation PPT + PDF
  3. Lesson Notes for Delivering the PPT without prior preparation
  4. Worksheet for hands-on exercises + Resources & Material List

• Standards aligned

• Vocabulary

• For use with the Hive Explorer Set or Hive Explorer Educator Set (Hive Explorer is not included)

Recommended Use:

STEM Classes, Biology Classes, Geography Classes, Liberal Studies Classes, Environmental Science Classes, Summer Schools, Workshops